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July 2010

4th of July!
Had a little shindig to celebrate 4th of July. My mom arrived just days before to stay with Kaira & I for a couple of months (to help me out while I got the swing of my crazy 3rd year schedule), and it was our last real weekend before starting 3rd year in full swing - so it was a end-of-summer/welcome party. Good food, good friends... good times!

Hot dogs, ribs & eggplant on the grill... fresh corn & watermelon, pudding poke cake, S'more pie... lemonade with red & blue star ice cubes...

And banana bread... served with vanilla ice cream & topped w/ Banana's foster flambe'... soooo goood!

Kaira, my mom & I got to catch the fireworks show downtown too...

Battlewings Football
Took Kaira & her friend Kaitlyn to a local Battlewings football game. They had fun watching the game, but I think they enjoyed the snow cones and cotton candy more...

Sock Puppets!
The library has fun projects and events on certain Saturdays... and one of them was getting to make sock puppets...

On another Saturday, we got to build a 'sand castle' out of cardboard, sandpaper, clay, shells, etc...

Making progress on decorating the inside of Kaira's dollhouse I made her for Christmas...

Chocolate!!- Made a cheesecake for my mom one day - chocolate cheesecake w/ choc chips, chocolate graham crust, chocolate whipped cream, drizzled with choc ganache... on a plate with creme anglaise & choc sauce. Soooo good!

Hamster Ball
We were down at the Boardwalk one day, and came across a little thing set up where the kids could run around inside these big inflatable balls that would float on top of the 1-2 ft deep pool underneath - essentially a hamster ball for kids. Kaira thought it look like a blast and begged to do it... and she LOVED it. She had a blast doing it.

A couple of updated pictures of the puppy... she's starting to get big.

I just started my 3rd year of medical schools - which means we finally get to move out of the classroom and into the hospital. We are doing our clinicals this year. We each rotate through six different major services for 8 weeks each. I am starting off with Neuro/Psych - which will consist of 2 weeks on the In-Patient Psych ward, 2 weeks in the Psych Crisis Unit (the Psych ER), 2 weeks on the Psych Consult service (going to see other doctors' patients who happen to also be crazy, depressed, etc), 1 week of Neurology, and 1 week of Neurosurgery. After Neuro/Psych will be Peds, Internal Medicine, Surgery, OB/Gyn and Surgery Subspecialties... should be an interesting year. In addition to those, we also all spend one day a week in the student run clinic. My first day in the student clinic, I got to see my own patient in my own exam room - even had my name on the door! Pretty official looking.

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