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November 2010

A Night Out
My school had a book drive as part of the "Reach out and Read" program - on each of their well-child visits at the clinic at LSU, the kids are given a book so that by the time they begin school, they should have at least a dozen or two books. As part of the book drive, for each book donated, you could get a ticket... and prizes would be given out at the end. Kaira knew nothing of the prizes and still got together a big ol' pile of books that she had outgrown to donate. Well one of our tickets happened to win a gift card to Applebee's and she was pretty excited to get to eat dinner out in celebration. We took a couple of pictures before we left the house to go out an eat...

Fall Artwork
Some of the 2nd grade art projects that decorated the halls at school during the fall season...

About Me
And art project of Kaira's at school...

Sous Chef in action
Kaira helping make breakfast one morning...

Turkey Day!
For Thanksgiving, we had a nice collection of friends and family over... and enough food to feed an army! Not to mention tons of dessert, including 4 pies and brownies! Ended up feeding 10 people, sent home leftovers with my brother, and still have food enough to last us a week!!

The Tree!
For possibly the first time ever, we got the tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving. I had the weekend off, and wasn't sure when I'd have time off again, so just went on ahead and got it up. Wasn't til a few days later that I did the finishing touches, but at least it was up!

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